A muscular organ of power and striking beauty, the heart is linked to the breathing thread , its rhythm is directly influenced by the state of general serenity of the organism. L ' anxiety is a factor that directly attacks the heart, as well as depression .

Connected to the Anahata chakra , the fourth, to which the pink and green colors are associated; its main functions are love , compassion , patience and humility . The associated keyword is I AMO.

Anahata is related to the air element and contains the transformation and healing of oneself and of others ..

To save it from thrombosis and widespread cardiovascular disease, just a few measures make the difference. We have identified for you some bitter enemy from which you can strictly watch if health is "at heart".

In traditional Chinese medicine, on the other hand, the heart (Xin) has the position of lord and master , possesses the brightness of the Shen.

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The enemies of the heart
We identify some enemies of the heart:

Smoke. The cigarette damages the heart. Specifically, carbon monoxide, tar and other substances present in the smoke penetrate the blood and inflam the walls of the arteries , facilitating the accumulation of fats and toxins and the formation of atheromatous plaques and thrombi. If this applies to active smoking , it is also true that it is better to avoid the passive one ; do not be afraid to tell those around you that it might be nice and civil to move farther. Having to repeat it often is frustrating but if you say it with a smile it's better.

Stress. Stress management is directly linked to the well-being of the heart. The protracted psychological tension causes the release of certain hormones that increase blood pressure in the blood. The consequence is that the passage of blood and oxygen slows down and the risk of thrombi increases. Meditating, moving the body, taking one's own space are fundamental actions.

Sedentary lifestyle. Whoever does not move does not love himself. The movement of the body is fundamental. Physical inactivity doubles the risk of heart attack and stroke. Start playing sports. Choose aerobic sports, which require a long and prolonged effort, such as walking, running, cycling, swimming.

Salt. L ' excess salt raises the blood pressure and the risk of cardiovascular disease increases. Try to reduce the one added to the dishes (maximum one teaspoon a day), but also pay attention to what is already present in foods (eg vegetables, fish and meat in oil and in vinegar, nuts).

Overweight. Aspect connected directly to the absence of physical practices and physical disciplines, the overweight damages the heart and its functionality. The result is hypertension, excessive muscle work, as well as a considerable overload to the damage of the legs and back joints.

If you want to find the ideal weight, you can do this by locating the body mass index (weight, in kilograms, divided by height, in square meters) in relation to the abdominal circumference.