Lighten the hair without ruining it
Give a touch of honey to naturally light brown hair, make the blonde even brighter and brighter, or give gold reflections to ash-colored hair: here is the desire to lighten the hair to many women and also many men who want to bring a little sun, light and vitatlity around your face .

Usually the season in which the hair is naturally lit is the summer, when, between the chlorine of the pool, the sun and the sea water are more exposed. But if you can not wait for the summer, here is something that can be useful about the natural DIY treatments to lighten your hair.

These household preparations are often based on chamomile , but there are also other naturally lightening products or foods , such as light beer, neutral henna or cassia, turmeric , saffron , ginger , lemon and honey .
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Chamomile to lighten the hair

A few tablespoons of dried or fresh chamomile flowers to boil for a few minutes, a little lemon or a spoon of cold added apple vinegar , and here is a quick, final lightening rinse for your hair , to be left to dry if possible. sun, to obtain an even more evident effect. It should be repeated once a week to obtain beautiful light reflections.

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Lemon juice for lighter hair
The natural lemon juice, rich in citric acid , takes away the pigment of the hair, leaving the hair colorless. It is used to spray it on the lengths of hair mixing it with warm water, leaving it in place for about 20 minutes , even better if in the sun, taking care not to have stained the skin, otherwise spots may form. It rinses and deeply moisturizes the hair because it dries a lot.

Honey for warm reflections
An excellent honey wrap – which develops hydrogen peroxide , a lightening and antibacterial agent – and olive oil , left in a covered position possibly with a plastic cap or a towel for as long as possible, helps to lighten the hair naturally ; once held for at least half an hour, the hair is washed and rinsed well.

Henne, the golden dust
Chamomile, cassia , turmeric : all spices that are added in mplvere to a neutral henne base give golden and luminous reflections, as well as helping to nourish the hair thoroughly; ideal for those who have dark blond or light brown hair and want to create tone-on-tone nuances in a totally natural and economical way.

Hair at full speed!
Take a basin and, putting the hair in correspondence of this, pour a can of light beer at room temperature on the canopy , making sure that the remainder goes into the basin.

With your hands, pour again the beer left in the basin on the hair, gently massaging the skin. Use the shampoo and conditioner as usual and allow the hair to dry in the sun if possible.

Curiosity : According to the anthropologist Frost, the desire to make blondes would derive from the ice age , when men, forced to travel long distances to find a little 'food, exhausted by fatigue and scarcity of food, abandoned polygamy becoming monogamous.

This fact created greater competition among women , so that the lighter ones of hair attracted the attention of men and were the chosen ones. Other than Marilyn!